How to change your IP address with Hide My Ass VPN

February 1st, 2015

The Importance of seo in new tech products

January 14th, 2015

techWhen new products hit the shelves in stores they end up there after they have gone through a whole process. All of this includes designing, testing and finally marketing. Sometimes there is lots of marketing that takes place on the TV level. However if you were to go online no one would know about it. That’s where companies such as come in. There are many companies out there that offer a complete suite of services that help manage other products and services reach their full potential. We have been reading around and found many reviews for the best Irvine seo services. You might be asking yourself why Irvine of all places? Well in the past I have helped many tech companies start and get their products going. The power of the internet is still very under estimated even today. If you ask me its very obvious where the first place to advertise would be for anyone. The power of social is more important then ever too. Many things go viral every day and different scales. If you happen to be lucky enough to be one of those things you would can change literately overnight.

The first thing that needs to be observed first is the demographic you are looking to target with your product. You have to make sure there are more than enough people in your demographic to make a profit. If not many people will buy then you aren’t going to make and money and waste your time. Time is the only thing you don’t get more of never again. Once you have established this you move forward to look for outlets where these people usually are. Most of the time platforms like Facebook and Reddit and many more websites allow you to target a group of people in a really specific way. If you place and ad that is relevant to them in more than one way, you are guaranteed to win. Online you have access to so many more people that you would in traditional media. Sometimes even way cheaper too. Don’t miss out on this next time you are putting out a new product into the world.

Why transcoding is important for large events

August 31st, 2014

transcodeThere are some many different devices today in the world and each devices requires a different format of video for it to play properly. For this very reason large events with lots of simultaneous viewers need to make sure that their streaming provider is feeding your video out with live transcoding. If you are looking for a vendor we went ahead and found one. You can view their service description at the url below.

From just a quick overview of the page it appears that they support all of the popular formats. They also offer a different pricing solution that most providers. More than likely some of their broadcasting technology is custom made with allows some sort of price break. They also offer transcoding for hosted videos. They are also passing the savings in the same way by only charging for the main copy for the video.

Mobile devices are by far the ones that most badly require this. So many different type of screens and browsers it would be near impossible to offer only one quality of your stream. You can also opt to send out multiple streams from your desktop encoder but their would put all of the strain and heavy lifting on your computer. If you do happen to go this route you will need a strong computer with a quad-core CPU. Definitely no laptops.