5 Intelligent Tips For Live Streaming Video Game Play


Live streaming is becoming an important part of many kinds of businesses — and many kinds of hobbies too. No hobby has adapted to live streaming more readily than gamers, however. Now, those who are live streaming game play or getting more astute in how they do it, hoping to attract the largest and most engaged audience possible. If your stream is ran through a good live transcoding service you will get more viewers. This is because it allows for more users since you are pushing out different qualities of your stream. We suggest your take a look at streaming media hosting live cloud transcoding. Their services fit almost ANY budget.

Can you learn something about reaching your intended audience by taking a look at these tips for smart live streaming of video game play? Here are five things that live streaming gamers need to keep in mind:

1. Have a webcam. And make sure it shows on your stream. This means you can establish a personal following and a great rapport that isn’t possible if you show only the game play. People like to know what you look like — and they like to see you react as well.

2. Keep up with your chat. Ignore the trolls, but engage with the real viewers. Live streaming in this way is meant to be interactive, so take advantage of the instant feedback. And stay confident. Everyone has critics, but don’t let them derail you.

3. Play as well as you can. People will be attracted to your feed because of your great skills. Truely dedicated games want to watch others play to pick up tips and admire the skill involved. They learn from your stream while being entertained by it.

4. Provide good commentary. While some gamers let the streaming play speak for itself, it might be better to provide running commentary that explains your reasoning, your actions and offers insights. Have things planned to say during dull times and switchovers so you can keep the audience tuned in and engaged while you ramp up the action.

5. Keep a good attitude. Live streaming your game play is supposed to be fun, so add in humor and interest when you can and always portray a positive attitude. No one likes reading a bad movie review, and no one like watching a negative, mean person play a game.

When you keep these tips in mind, live streaming game play can be more successful than you ever imagined. And don’t many of these tips apply to other kinds of live streaming as well?